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Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
construction in california and the obama administration's high-speed rail program. transportation secretary ray la hood testifies about the $10 billion already spent with the goal of providing 80% of americans with access to high-speed rail within 25 years. this is just over three hours. >> good morning. like to call this hearing to order. today is another one of our hearings and focused on passenger rail in the united states, and this is an oversight hearing, which we conduct at the full committee level. pleased to welcome everyone to this hearing, and this opportunity to review the progress of high-speed rail in particular today, and the title of the hearing is, an update on the high-speed rail and inner city passenger rail program, mistakes made and lessons learned is the title. the order of business is we're going to hear members' opening statements from the committee. then our first panel will actually be two members who we'll welcome and hear their commentary, both of them from kaz, -- from california, leaders in the congress, we're pleased to welcome. and then we'll have the secretary in
Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
friend from california for an opening statement. >> thank you, good morning to you and to the chairman of the fcc and the commissioners. wng. it's wonderful to have you here. mr. chairman, i'd like to begin by asking the december 10th letter signed by more than 370 companies and organizations who care about the future of license spectrum be placed in the hearing record. the letter in the february 13th letter criebt response of unlicensed technology to public safety. and i'd like to request the bipartisan letter i sent to the fcc chairman yesterday with chairman daryl issa, be included in the record. it demonstrates the significant unlicensed development taken place just in the last nine months since the bill was signed in to law. i ask for anonymous consent to lace them in the record. >> without objection. >> thank you. mr. chairman, ensuring that the fcc successfully. implements the voluntary incentive auction a mechanism that this subcommittee established, holds great potential to produce new jobs and free up more spectrum at the time in which demand for wireless broadband continue
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
payment in 1961 for many decades. so i think the reason why fha went to 700,000 plus people in california enabled the lending. in recessionary times, to me that role in the current business lays down with what the original mission is. but eventually was a normal adjustment. [inaudible] >> so when we look ahead to the next couple of years and we can have a discussion later about long term of fha, but in the near term, are there additional steps the fha ought to take to protect itself against losses? one example when you had fha proposed he will to capsular concessions, which are a 6%. the rulers and proposed a couple of times. i don't think we've seen a final rule. loan limits are extended -- after they fell and were extended to does the gac for the first time ever you could get an fha loan larger than the gics known. dessert tool on the table. everything changes about this race pricing that fha ought to be considering? >> welcome be brought up a few measures. i think fha should not have policies in place to a collection of that regard. but let me talk about the risk based pricing. i think
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
for more regulation. >> what impact if any decent changes in california, in their method for electing congressional representatives will have? and democratic versus democrat, republican versus republican in their system of electing. >> if i understand you right, you referred to now a bipartisan commission that did the redistrict team. i actually did a story for the atlantic month late on redistricting and mention this thing. there has been to believe by many politicians is that there's no such thing as a bipartisan board or nonpartisan board and they oftentimes point to the california commission as a failed experiment because democrats manage to influence a series of e-mails obtained by pro-public would suggest largely managed to influence a lot of commissioners. having said that, there's a number of others dates in the u.s. said to have bipartisan redistricting commissions. for what it's worth, the reason this is on-topic as i'm often asked if this is the worst congress ever or if any event this is not what we wished congress would be, what with either solution? there are many that c
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
of congressional races in california when there was a -- bilingual ballots and any campaign i'm on i try to make sure those things are work out. i don't pull out any hope there's going to be any great grand bipartisan agreement on voter i.d. laws or internet voting or whatever to alleve these problems. a lot of us are campaign professionals and want to do help our side and some thing it's photo or longer lines. >> but you are identifying resources to those running the election is an important touchstone and that's not somewhere we are yet. >> absolutely. the first job i ever had in politics was $40 to go watch a polling location in my home town of orange county, california. 16 years old, didn't vote, didn't know anything about it. somebody was going to give me $40 to watch it. i was sitting in someone's garage and the guy had gotten up at 4 al, took apart four voting booths location, three worked, one didn't. the precinct, about 800 registered voters and i thought to miss, only three booths? at that time i thought everyone voted. just the resources and people do it and, again to echo what
Dec 19, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> california senator barbara boxer spoke with reporters on wednesday about to go she is introducing regarding stricter gun laws. the first bill would expand access to certain brands protect lines or other safety and security measures. the second bill would allow governors to bring in the national guard to help provide schools school security. this is 25 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning. i'm here today as a mother and grandmother and a senator. my state has been touched for too many times by gun violence, including mass shootings. in january of 1989, a deranged gunman stepped into the ground of an elementary school in stockton, california. firing at least 106 bullets from an ak-47 rifle across the schoolyard. he killed five children, ages six to nine. and he injured 29 other students before shooting himself. californians remember this tragedy just as the nation will always remember the victims of sandy hook elementary school. i know it means when someone you love is suddenly taken away in this unspeakable way. my family was touched in 1993 where a crazed gunman killed eight p
Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm EST
. hispanics are a very powerful voting block and going. especially in california. especially in texas. that is one reason why what we have, which began as an egalitarian thing, has evolved into a racial system where the people who benefit are often more affluent than the people who don't. i stop myself on benefit. >> the gentleman right here has a question. >> yes, i would kind of like to ask a question. >> identifier so? unit below, my name is stephen and i have military affiliation. i would like to ask a question that is outside the box. but everything that you are all saying, sort of assumes that there should be some type administered ivy university for the academic achievement, and i would like to throw out to you the idea that every other service provided in our society was to be at that price. therefore when the people who most needed it would determine that they are willing to pay the price for the best education. in fact, a lot of times you have brilliant people who have known me to go to university, and they are going to get very little out of it. and it may be the weakest st
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
know, he's got all of the big hopes. during the very moment when he said he went to california and joined stromberg was going to be a writer and he had all of these writings that he had done that is sort of the fantastic life and madeleine had these greater ambitions. her role model was bette davis gracia wanted to be sophisticated, and the moment she stood up, she wanted to have a great relationship. incredibly dependable. and she rose to the office of vice president at a bank in hawaii. president obama, when i interviewed him, described him as a madman, which i find really interesting. his grandmother went from being a secretary to a higher role. it wasn't always easy in that family. but he never felt unloved by either of them. he was really adored, even though he was troubled in other ways. and madeleine was always there for him, even though she was not a very emotional person. but she was the dependable pragmatic one. >> host: last hour and a half we have been talking with david maraniss. author of "barack obama: the story." this is his 10th book. it's your turn if you'd li
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
are already doing in this incremental way and in even one state like california doing something like that has a huge effect on the market. you can see a situation where a medicaid plan which largely would have had vulnerable hacd and that is what their provider base could potentially be competitive and certainly commonwealth care in massachusetts can argue about how competitive it is or whether that's the right thing or the wrong thing. i think what you are describing and the question of medicare for all her b.a. for all i think we are taken at a piece -- in pieces. we are spending a lot of time talking about exchanges. medicaid will outnumber, people enrolled in medicaid will outnumber people enrolled in medicare as a result of the expansion and the growing population. i hate that term but that's how we think about it. childhood adult. so i actually think what you are describing and what phil has written about this a lot further within reach, which is what scares people. anything that powerful and dramatic can be just as frightening and that is why youth see some of the verbal and physical
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
. that was his life. i yield the floor. >> the senator from california. >> mr. president, i would like to associate myself with remarks made by my eloquent colleagues. i would like to extend praise for a one-of-a-kind senator and an extraordinary human being. my friend, dan inouye. i was telling senator lieberman that the senate put on a little bit of a retirement dinner for retiring senators, including senator inouye. it was only two weeks ago, mr. president. he wasn't well, but he came to the dinner and he sat at the table because of his respect for the individual senators and this institution and the love he had for them and for the institution. i will miss dan inouye so much. his big heart and his self-effacing manner and his integrity and patriotism. i will just say a couple of things. over the years, we have all worked together, so many of us on some issues. i worked on bringing a state-of-the-art comprehensive casualty care center to my state. to take care of the wounded veterans were coming home. without their limbs, those with poster might stress, and all the problems they had
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10